Local Organzing Committee

Pablo Villoslada Chair (Hospital Clinic, Barcelona)
Bernardo Castellano (Autonomus University of Barcelona)
Francesc Graus (Hospital Clinic, Barcelona)
Isabel Illa (Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona)
Xavier Montalban (Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona)

International Advisory Board

F. Aloisi (Roma, Italy)
B. Becher (Zurich, Switzerland)
A. Coles (Cambridge, UK)
R. Gold (Bochum, Germany)
D. Hafler (Boston, MA, USA)
W. Hickey (Dartmouth, MA, USA)
R. Hintzen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
V. Kuchroo (Boston, MA, USA)
R. Martin (Hamburgo, Germany)
G. Martino (Milano, Italy)
Y. Matsumoto (Tokyo, Japan)
S. Miller (Chicago, IL, USA)
H. Perry (Southampton, UK)
L. Probert (Athens, Greece)
M. Schwartz (Rehovot, Israel)
L. Steinman (Stanford, CA, USA)
P. Villoslada (Barcelona, Spain)
T. Yamamura (Tokyo, Japan)
W. Yong (Calgary, Canada)

ISNI Officers

Caroline Whitacre (US) President
Tomas Olsson (Sweden) Vicepresident
Trevor Owens (Denmark) Treasurer and Secretary

Honorary Officers

Jack Antel Montreal, Canada
Cedric S. Raine New York, NY, USA
Angela Vincent Oxford, UK
Hartmut Wekerle Martinsried, Germany
Journal of Neuroimmunology
The authors’ index of the Journal of Neuroimmunology, special issue for the 10th ISNI Congress, is now available for download by clicking here
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